Blixer 23

Blixer 23

  • Clear control panel allowing control of programs
  • Transparent polycarbonate lid to enable user to monitor processing
  • Bowl scraper to improve the turbulence and consequently the end-product consistency
  • Bowl-base blade assembly ensuring total homogeneity of processed foodstuffs
  • Tilting bowl making it easier to empty
  • Ergonomic lever enabling the user to tilt the bowl at various angles, even horizontally
  • 3 retractable wheels making it easier to move the appliance
  • 100% stainless-steel with system of 3 sturdy built-in legs

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Additional Information

Bowl Capacity 23 Litre
Power 4500W
Voltage 3 - Phase
Speed 1500 & 3000 RPM
Number of Covers 100 to 450